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#ifndef _STATUS_H
#define _STATUS_H

#include "AVLTree.h"
#include "symbol.h"

struct package {
      symbol_t name;
      AVLTree depends;        /* list of packages this one depends on directly */
      AVLTree dependents;           /* list of packages depending on this one */
      AVLTree provides;        /* list of dependencies met by this package */
        AVLTree providers;          /* list of packaged providing this dependency */
      int provider_count;           /* number of alternative packages providing this dependency */
      int orphan_depends;           /* number of orphan packages this one depends on (used for sorting) */
        unsigned short installed:1; /* Is this an installed package? */
      unsigned short task:1;        /* This is a virtual task package */
      unsigned short keep:1;        /* Keep this package in any case */
      unsigned short nokeep:1;      /* Don't keep this package unless there is a dependency */

extern int pkgcmp(struct package *a, struct package *b);
extern struct package *pkg_find(symbol_t s);
extern void free_package(struct package *pkg);

extern AVLTree *packages;

extern void readstatus(void);
extern symbol_t guessbase(symbol_t);

extern char *chop(char *);
extern int chomp(char *);


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